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Since 1976

In 1976, “Unavagam”, a small “Kadai” (restaurant like) was started by my parents in our native place Kattur, Trichy, TamilNadu. We served tasty home made food in “banana leaf” anytime people come to our Kadai, we always had some food to serve them. My mom showed her skills in her recipes and my dad did his best with his friendly nature and hospitality. People whoever come to our Kadai, enjoyed the tasty food and our hospitality. The environment became more like family and friends and they started calling “Antony Annachi (Brother) Kadai” with love.
Unlike other kids I spent most of my childhood in the kitchen with my mom. Watching her grinding spices and getting the beSt creative dishes out of it everyday has always been a fascinating experience. It made me wonder what’s so special about a simple activity which brought so many people to our Kadai. I remember my father talking to everyone with the same enthusiasm every time from dawn till dusk. I also saw their passion of serving everyday. As I grew, I learned cooking , hospitality and love my parents showed to all the people who come to our Kadai.
I wanted to take my cooking skills to next level, so I joinedHotel management in Tirchy. The skills that I learned workingwith many chefs and multinational restaurants in India, enhanced my cooking career further. I want to continue the “Kadai” what my parents did in my native village and use the recipes that I learned from my mom in BayArea. I wanted to bring the Annachi Kadai to Bay area, so everyone can come and enjoy home style and tasty food.


Cooking is not just steaming rice and making a pot of gravy, it is the blending of different spices in their right proportion. Every spice has its own medicinal properties, so food is both appetizing and healthy. The goodness of banana leaf is also highlighted in the Sangam literature. As it serves as a plate it is equally hygienic, healthy and eco- friendly. Its waxy exterior helps prevent sogging when served soupy foods as most of the South Indian meal comprises of curries and soups. It not only serves as a plate but also adds great flavor to the cooked food. Banana leaves are an excellent source of antioxidants, it cleanses the blood, stimulates appetite and also helps in digestion.
My mom always used to tell me that cooking is an art and therefore when it comes from the heart it is well received and appreciated.
“Good food brings families together. I want to make your food experience a memorable one every time”, so please come and enjoy bay area Annachikadai.

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